Acquisition of Sealmaker Finland Oy

Tekniseri, the industrial labelling and insulation product company, has acquired Sealmaker, a specialist in plastic, rubber and fiber-based packaging, insulation and sealing manufacturing. Sealmaker has technical know-how, modern machinery and right connections to raw material suppliers. With acquisition, Tekniseri will strengthen its strategic partnership with industrial partners by extension of the portfolio, deepening the know-how and boosting the competitiveness in seals, gaskets and insulations. Acquisition has been completed on 15th of January 2021.

Sealmaker’s significant customer base in e.g. construction product manufacturing and industrial machinery manufacturing, complements Tekniseri’s current market coverage in the industrial customer base.

Sealmaker will become a part of Tekniseri Group Oy, and all employees and owners will move under a new company. Sealmaker name will remain, and will be used in marketing of sealing, insulation and gasket products also in the future. Tekniseri sales team will extend their product line card with Sealmaker offering, and cross-selling synergies will be leveraged through promotion of wider scope to both Tekniseri and Sealmaker customers.

Tekniseri’s history dates back to 1985, when the printing company serving industrial giants like ABB, Ericsson and Nokia was registered in Finland. Since then Tekniseri has been serving its customers in industrial sectors with graphical products, helping customers in graphical design and product manufacturing processes. Tekniseri’s strategy is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for industrial company to manage the labeling and insulation product needs. The service concept is based on developing the partnership with the customer and extending the collaboration to provide customer with all labelling and insulation solutions and services from one supplier, as smoothly as possible.

This strategy has led us to extend our labelling products and printed graphics portfolio to be extended to insulation solutions, as well. In the future, Tekniseri will be serving customers through five facilities: production units in Kempele and Pori, and in the future also Rauma, and Suzhou in China, and sales office in Espoo.

Contract signing in Helsinki 15.1.2021. Participants Matti Kivilammi, Simon Lönnvik, Ville Pietola, Lassi Koto, Lauri Salmela, Jyri Järvinen and Rami Nieminen.

At the Seamaker Finland factory in Rauma, during the personnel communication event. Tekniseri CEO Jyri Järvinen, Sealmaker General Manager Lauri Salmela and Sealmaker Sales and Marketing manager Rami Nieminen.