Tekniseri provides its customers with a service portfolio ranging from industrial labelling product graphics design to label and insulation manufacturing, material management and logistic solutions. We want to serve our customers with one-stop-shop principle, offering all labelling and insulation portfolio products from the same supplier, leveraging more than 30 years of experience in serving demanding global industrial companies. Our service concept enables us to provide cost efficient service optimizing life-cycle costs, tailoring and scaling the service to meet the requirements and needs of both large enterprises as well as smaller companies.

Flexibility – Fast customer response – Reliability 


  • Label engineering 
  • Material selection
  • Sample series

We consult with customers and support them to find the optimal product for the purpose and application. We help to design the products that combines best fit for material used (plastics or metal substrates, adhesives, inks, protective coating, liner and laminates) with right manufacturing technologies. Customer can also have a readily made design that needs to be manufactured. Sample series help to verify that product meets the specification.   


  • Production technologies
  • Material management
  • Assembly 

Tekniseri has production units in Finland (Kempele and Pori) and China (Suzhou), serving customers with printing, cutting, and bending machinery for plastics, steel and aluminum product manufacturing. Our global sourcing network focuses on world-widely known suppliers and materials, and our presence in Europe and Asia and guarantees our customers access to material availability in all conditions. High operational quality is prerequisite for our customers on supplier selection.


  • VMI Partnership (Vendor Managed Inventory) with customer
  • Critical material inventories

Tekniseri can provide customers VMI for inventory management to prevent stocking undesired inventories and hence leading to an overall cost reduction. Supplier monitors the customers’ inventory levels and makes periodic resupply decisions regarding order quantities, shipping, and timing. VMI relationship reduces cost and improves service by mitigating the uncertainty of demand allowing smaller buffers of capacity and inventory. Supplier can make replenishment decisions according to operating needs, and the customer benefits from lower cycle stocks. All in all, many benefits arise from improved warehouse efficiencies.