Tekniseri’s history dates back to 1985, when the printing company serving industrial giants like ABB, Ericsson and Nokia was registered in Finland. Since then Tekniseri has been serving its customers in industrial sectors with graphical products, helping customers in graphical design and product manufacturing processes. The company has gone through several Mergers and acquisitions over the years, buying and pruning various companies on the way. Former companies like CAD-Seri Oy, Seri-Teksti, Lisa-Print, Seritoimi, Eloksointi Oy, Moniseri, Scanfil Mekaniikkapaino and Galvano had customer base that is served under one Tekniseri brand name today. So the present way of doing business – serving industrial customers with high demand on quality and reliability – has been developed over the decades of experience in the printing business.

Tekniseri’s strategy is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for industrial company to manage the labeling and insulation product needs. The service concept is based on developing the partnership with the customer and extending the collaboration to provide customer with all labelling and insulation solutions and services from one supplier, as smoothly as possible. This strategy has led us to extend our labelling products and printed graphics portfolio to be extended to insulation solutions, as well. Today, Tekniseri is serving customers through four facilities: production units in Kempele and Pori, and Suzhou in China, and sales office in Espoo.

Tekniseri in Kempele is the biggest production unit, having two factories focusing on development, printing and forming overlays and insulation products.

Tekniseri team in front of the main factory in Kempele.

Tekniseri Pori Unit is focusing on metal product printing and forming, and pad printing.

Personnel in Tekniseri Pori Unit

Tekniseri Suzhou operations in China has been established 2010, targeting on serving international industrial companies who wanted to have the equal service level, fast response time, reliability and flexibility for their Asian operations as they were used to in Europe. Operations and customer base in China has been growing steadily every year. Today Tekniseri is serving a wide customer base in China and Asia.

Tekniseri team in Suzhou, China.