Tekniseri’s focus is on serving industrial customers. These customers set the high requirements for labelling and insulation products. Products and solutions co-developed in partnership with our customers has provided us accumulated know-how on specifications and special requirements on several industries.

Tekniseri in industrial automation

Our control panels and membrane switches ensure robust, reliable and flawless switching and controlling of frequency converters and other electrical equipment. Our customers design world-class electrical equipment for energy generation, storaging and use. Tekniseri’s laser-cut, flame-proof insulation solutions guarantee that the highest machine and personal safety requirements are met, in all circumstances.

Tekniseri in lighting

We help the lighting companies to develop safer exit lighting for buildings, vessels and tunnels by providing printed evacuation guides and warning signs, designed for long life, without fear for color wear and tear.

Tekniseri in machinery industry

Our customers deliver pumps, compressors and other mechanical machinery for demanding industrial processes and manufacture the most rigid heavy vehicles. We help them to furnish products with high-quality corrosion-proof, durable anodized, screen and laser printed machine plates and needed labels that withstand moisture, chemical and mechanical stress.

Tekniseri in medical and instrumentation

Hospitals and laboratories set the extreme requirements for instrumentation and medical devices. We provide help to our customers in designing hygienic measuring equipment with printing on mechanics and 3D surfaces, meeting all the tough requirements set by the medical environment.

Tekniseri in infrastructure

Infrastructure projects require signs and markings both during the  construction phase and after the project completion. Contractors for electric grids, railroads, public roads and buildings need markings and signs that comply  with standards to ensure safety in inftrastructure utilization. Tekniseri provides  contractors with both standard and tailored warning and guidance signs and markings helping to them find right materials and paint for various climate and weather conditions.

Tekniseri in telecommunications

Large international telecommunication companies develop equipment and software for  mobile and IT network operators worldwide. These equipment refer to hardware used for telecommunications such as transmission lines, multiplexers and base transceiver stations. Base transceiver station (BTS) connects mobile devices to the network by sending and receiving radio signals to mobile devices and converting them to digital signals that it passes on the network to route to other terminals in the network or to the Internet. These BTSs are electrical devices that need labels, decals, overlays and panels and electrical insulations to work flawlessly and safely. Tekniseri provides major telecom companies with these components, both for their operations  in Europe and Asia.