Deep collection method for neat and hygienic waste management saves environment

Molok company’s deep collection method idea is have a waste container that is vertical and partly underground. The collection capacity is increased compared to conventional waste containers. The weight of the top layer compacts the waste below, thus increasing the capacity even more. Kept cool underground, the waste does not smell and animals cannot gain access to the container.

Molok has grown into an international company whose products are known all worldwide. The environment, cost and time-saving system is used daily by millions of people around the world. The products are used in a variety of cultures with a total of more than 170 000 units.

Tekniseri is a partner for Molok and provides metallic name plates for containers. Name plates are needed in many language variants, and Molok needs plate deliveries to be reliable and fast to avoid problems at the later stages in the logistic chain in delivering containers to customers all over the world. Changing environmental conditions set high requirements for plate durability and quality.

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