Smart IoT Solutions for industrial customers, smart buildings and logistics from Treon

The Industrial Internet of Things or lndustrial IoT refers to interconnected sensors, instruments and other devices networked together with computers’ industrial applications, including manufacturing and energy management. This connectivity allows for data collection, exchange and analysis, potentially facilitating improvements in productivity and efficiency as well as other economic benefits.

The IoT intelligent systems enable rapid manufacturing of new products, dynamic response to product demands, and real-time optimization of manufacturing production and supply chain networks, by networking machinery, sensors and control systems together.

Treon designs both hardware and software for intelligent and connected IoT products that can sense and monitor asset movement, temperature, humidity, pressure and light, as well as devices that collect, process and transmit the sensed data to the cloud for further use.  This data can be used to boost efficiency, safety and productivity in various facilities, from industries to smart buildings, and from offices to cold storages and logistics chains.

Tekniseri is a manufacturing partner for Treon producing overlays for Treon nodes and sensors. IoT products are facing tough and varying manufacturing and warehousing environments. Environment can vary from low frost temperatures to high humidity and heat in cold warehouses or metal workshops. These conditions require overlay materials, inks and adhesives that are ideal for withstanding repeated stress and varying temperatures. Tekniseri has long experience and well-established relationships with renown material manufacturers and therefore we can guarantee material quality, consistency and availability in all circumstances. Products are manufactured precisely according to the customer specification, and manufacturing process is selected precisely for the specific application.

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