Green, environmentally conscious technologies to boost future HVAC system development 

HVAC industry is taking steps in applying new technologies to develop environmentally friendly solutions. Heating, ventilation and especially air conditioning equipment haven’t always been designed with environmental aspects in mind, but new trends in the industry, including Internet of Things, smart tech and data acquisition and automation, are clearly boosting the efficiency in HVAC industry applications. Pressure transducers are used to measure and monitor pressure, air flow and humidity in HVAC systems. This enables creating comfort and healthy indoor climate, control operational costs and manage building maintenance.

Tekniseri is producing overlays for HK Instruments products. HK Instruments is specialized in developing technologically advanced measuring devices for HVAC applications. HK Instruments products are primarily used in air handling systems and building automation, targeting at keeping the indoor air quality and functionality of buildings high resulting in human well-being and energy savings. Portfolio is comprised of series of pressure and air flow transmitters, CO2 and humidity transmitters, as well as transmitters and sensors for liquids. Tekniseri has been working with HK Instruments for years and produces overlays for all their product series. HK Instruments has extremely high requirements for printing quality and precision, especially in measurement and displaying metric quantities. Tekniseri has designed the production methods together with HK Instruments to meet the tough targets on precision.

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