Printed graphics

Printed graphics – overlays, evacuation and warning signs, labels and decals are used in various applications, where markings and printed surfaces with high requirements on quality and mechanical stress are needed. They can be printed using screen printing, digital printing or pad printing (also called tampography), a sustainable printing solution for shaped 3D surfaces.

Graphic overlays and panels

Customers want their products to have a face and signature – the brand that it is recognized for. Design objective of a graphic overlay is to create image for the product, whether it’s a question of high quality, comfortable, ease of use, durability or strength.

Graphic overlay is, in most of the cases, the first part that user touches and feels in a product. It is therefore essential that they are designed and manufactured to signal image to the user.

Graphic overlays are screen or digitally printed on the back side of a plastic film, film surface protecting printing colors from wear and tear. Desired color and shape are customized according to customer specifications. Overlays withstand harsh environmental conditions, where mechanical stress, aggressive chemicals, temperature changes, precipitation, seawater or sunlight wear down the surface.

Overlay adhesive is chosen in accordance with the operation environment requirements, enabling strong adhesion to it’s panel. We manufacture overlays from polyester and polycarbonate films, using only well-known material brands.

Evacuation guides and warning signs

We help emergency lighting companies to develop safer exit lighting for buildings, vessels and tunnels by providing printed evacuation and warning sign components, designed for long life, without fear for color wear and tear.

Exit sign products can be screen or digitally printed and engraved on a wide range of materials e.g.acrylics, polycarbonates, polypropylene films and reflective materials. The graphics is always done according to the customer specifications.

Plastic sheets are cut by blade or laser cutting process. The maximum material thickness for acrylics is 12 mm. Depending on the application, the sign can be lit either from the backside or from the edges. We also produce sub-assemblies.

Printing on mechanics and 3D surfaces

An uneven or curving surface is not a hindrance for printing high-quality marking on top of any mechanical part. Our tampo printing machinery enable us to print even on an uneven surface. Screen printing technology is also applicable when printing on flat surfaces, when e.g. labelling front panel plates. The common factor for both printing techniques used by Tekniseri is perfect printing quality. We also manufacture cover plates made of plastic and metal.

Labels and decals

Tekniseri’s screen printed labels can be produced into any shape or colors according to customer specifications or regulations. Colors used in screen printing are determined on a case-by-case evaluation according to the design. Even the smallest texts and figures in size, all important details are reproduced excellently. Here Tekniseri’s long experience serve our customers´ best interests. Label material can be environmentally friendly polyester or other specified plastic material.