HARVIA: High-quality heaters and solutions for all sauna and spa needs

In Finland, going to the sauna is part of a tradition. However, the experiences offered by the sauna and spa are raising interest around the world. Harvia is the Finnish sauna heater manufacturer established 70 years ago. Alongside sauna heaters, Harvia offers sauna rooms, infrared and steam rooms, spa modules, digital control units and other sauna accessories suitable for different sauna and spa cultures.

Sauna heaters is a demanding product group when it comes to labelling applications. Tekniseri is working in co-operation with Harvia, providing high quality metallic labelling products that meet the challenging humid and hot environment and premium design requirements. Harvia is exporting sauna heaters to USA, therefore UL certificated production process is a must for a label supplier. 

Anodized aluminium is a perfect material selection for this application. Anodized aluminium plates are digitally printed and treated with specific process creating protective alumine oxide layer on top which is providing durable cover for the material and ink. Laser engraved plates can also be used providing unique look for the sauna heaters. 

To learn more about Harvia, please click here: Harvia.fi.